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Protect Yourself and Your Family -- Invest in Home Security

Home security has a major impact on the sense of safety and well-being of you and your family. Whether you are asleep at home or away for a vacation, you need to know that your family and valuables are safe and secured at your house. Below are some home security equipment that can guarantee you that security and safety is at the forefront.


Doors and Locks

Doors and locks are your first line of defense against intruders. For that reason, it is important that you have the right doors and locks to keep your home safe. The most common types of locks are padlocks, levers, and deadbolts. Padlocks are usually paired with chains. They are portable and can safeguard not only doors, but also bicycles and some of your outdoor appliances. Deadbolts, on the other hand, are lodged on doors. They do not have handles or knobs unlike lever locks. Installing CCTVs and surveillance cameras on strategic locations near your doors and locks would also be a good security practice as it allows you to monitor and have a full view of any suspected perpetrator. What more is that security cameras also act as visible repellants against anyone who might attempt to break-in, as it tells them that they are being watched.


Safety Vaults

Vaults or safes are the best equipment to use when securing valuables like jewelry, cash, or important documents. They are difficult to crack, too heavy to carry, and are designed to be extremely sturdy. Safety vaults can be mechanical or electronic, and both kinds require a combination to unlock. This foolproof security equipment ensures that only you or other authorized people may access its contents.


Burglary Monitoring Systems

If you think that having a guard dog is enough to protect your house from burglars, think again. Most burglars are not deterred by dogs since they can easily distract your dogs or worse, even hurt them. Instead, you should take care of your dog and install burglary monitoring systems, which include door and windows sensors, passive motion sensors, and sirens that can even alert your neighbors. When the alarm systems are triggered, you will be given time to take action. It would be wise to install them near possible break-in locations like doors, windows, and or any other entrances. Put some wireless cameras as well so that you can detect any suspicious entries or uninvited guests.

Fire and Smoke Alarms

Danger may not always come from outside. Residential fire is a common disaster that can cause many casualties. Usual causes of house fire include smoking, cooking, and electrical related incidents. Fire risk can never be completely avoided, but casualties can be reduced and even prevented by investing on reliable fire and smoke alarm systems. When installed, these alarm systems quickly alert you to the fire’s presence. This way, you can notify the authorities immediately or you can prevent the fire from further spreading around your house. Make sure that your house has a good fire escape plan, and that it is also equipped with fire protection equipments such as fire extinguishers, sprinklers, and extinguishing blankets for maximum protection.

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