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Dell Laptops: Display Size - 13-15 Inch Inch (3 Items found)

Dell Laptops: Custom Built to Meet Your Needs

Synonymous with laptops and desktop computers, Dell is currently the world's third biggest supplier of PCs, right behind PC giant and world number one Lenovo and first runner up HP. However, its portfolio is not limited to notebook and desktop PCs as the Round Rock, Texas based company provides a broad range of technology products for the consumer, education, enterprise, and government sectors. In addition to its line of desktop and notebook PCs, it also offers network servers, data storage systems, printers, Ethernet switches, and peripherals, such as displays and projectors. It also markets third-party software and hardware and has a growing services unit which provides asset recovery, financing, infrastructure consulting, support, systems integration, and training, as well as hosted IT services.

It made a name for itself when it launched an online service that allowed PC-savvy consumers to conveniently buy highly customized powerful computers with multiple features (those that aren't normally present in ready made units) online and have it delivered to them within days. This model became so successful in the US that the company created an internal sales and marketing group dedicated to serving this market and even introduced a product line that is personalized and designed for individual users. Its rapid growth demanded ready made products as more and more consumers, even those who are not so tech savvy, began clamoring for the brand known for producing excellent and desktops and notebooks. They are still highly customizable but they are now classified into several categories, each specializing on a certain segment such as business, gaming, and highly portable computing.

Dell understands the complexity of supporting the wide variety of computing devices, and their latest range of products reflects that. They are aimed at enabling consumers and businesses of all sizes to enjoy sleek and innovative form factors while delivering ultimate performance and productivity. They are backed by the industry’s best security and manageability that only the brand can provide. Each range of Dell Laptops have their own core competency and it is up to you to find one that matches everything on your checklist.

Inspiron: Entry-level Yet Inspiring

The Inspiron range has some of the more affordable models from the brand, but don't let that fool you into thinking that their performance is subpar. This range is big in entertainment while remaining stylish and productive. Devices in this line provides a complete range of essential features at unbeatable value. They come with a variety of hardware configurations that will allow you to select the model that will best suit your needs. They come with built-in DVD drives up to 1TB of built-in internal storage and optional touch panels, and are powered by long-lasting batteries that will never give-up on you. They are designed and rigorously tested to weather the real world and sometimes, even rough handling. They come with brilliant displays with attractive chassis. Premium models of this line comes with a touchscreen display that allows for a 10-finger capacitive touch options making it easy to scroll, zoom, and tap through documents, Twitter, Facebook, and even Snapchat. Dell Laptops are the perfect machines for various activities.

Alienware: Out of this World Gaming Performance

A trusted name in gaming, gamers the world over trust this line to deliver the most immersive PC gaming experience. With technology that includes quad-core processors 8at least and for now) and next generation NVIDIA dual graphics solutions (also at least and for now), laptops in this line combine power with the bold and highly durable designs. It entered into a partnership with Valve to make PC gaming easy, open, and simple. Its very portable laptops are capable of delivering the benefits of PC gaming in an incredibly small footprint, providing the best balance between size, performance and aesthetics giving you the home entertainment experience even when on the go. Its sleek design is both distinctive of the brand (known for theming its designs with extraterrestrial references) yet unobtrusive and "classy". This line, the price range of which can be between a few hundreds to several thousand boasts of the build quality and advanced engineering that are the hallmarks of Dell including a custom-built chassis to provide optimal thermal and acoustic management for a gaming console and laptop in one.

Dell Vostro: Productivity on the Go

Light, compact, and extremely durable, this line of very portable notebooks offers impressive graphics among all of Dell laptop offering. They come with upgraded aluminum shells with zinc hinges, powerful security features and customizable support options. Originally aimed at the small business market, they are now also available for individual consumers and though Dell has stopped advertising the line and has only a few models available for sale at the moment, it is still a must have if what you are looking for is affordability without compromising technical support options.

Latitude: Built for Business

Attractive and comfortable, this line is an office and business favorite. It is known for having a "tri-metal" chassis configuration making it extra tough and able to handle the rigors of frequent traveling. The new additions to this line offer a variety of work styles and use cases from the executive to field workers. This line is considered as the world's most secure 2-in-1 device that combines an ultrabook and a detachable tablet in one powerful device. Devices in this range often come with large displays and professional, ISO-certified backlit keyboards. They are bolstered by the convenience of having the "instant go" mode, feature that used to be a smartphone exclusive. When paired with the brand's mobile office suite, a carrying case, sleeve, power companion, this series can offer you an ultra-mobile professional and first-class productivity experience. This line can be compared to Lenovo's ThinkPad line.

Get the Ultimate eXperience with XPS

This series of Dell Laptops delivers the ultimate experience with the highest resolution displays, exceptional build quality, unique materials and powerful features, which place it on the top of the Dell laptops offering. Movies, games, music and Web chat come to life with amazing visuals and incredible sound which are all powered by the latest Intel processors. The range is home to some of the thinnest laptops in the market capable of delivering more than enough power to help you perform almost any tasks (even graphic intensive ones). There are also models that features the elegant flip-hinge design that lets you browse your favorite websites or stream videos in laptop or tablet mode. Regardless of design, all models in this range combines elegant transition between forms with premium materials and craftsmanship. they usually operate the latest version of Windows (such as Windows 8 OS) to deliver you the latest applications which will entertain you and keep you productive in an enhanced touch-based experience without sacrificing PC functionality.

Chromebook: Affordable Quality

Like Chromebooks from other brands like Samsung, and Acer, this line from Dell also comes with surprisingly low price tags. They are highly portables and are designed to facilitate integration of technology in the classroom for teachers, students alike. Devices in this line are fast, secure, and will give you easy access to applications and contents. Specially designed for students and educators, they deliver optimal combination of platforms, education content and secure IT efficiency that schools and universities are seeking to personalize the learning experience and improve the learning experience. Though extremely affordable, Dell Chromebooks are beautifully designed, slim and lightweight, without compromising high performance. These Dell laptops will give you access to content and applications across a “personal cloud” of devices. You can access, edit, save and share different documents such as presentations, spreadsheets, photos, videos, and more regardless of where the original documents are located (for instance documents that were originally saved on a tablet can easily be accessed and edited if they were saved on cloud services such as Google Drive which also happens to be the default productivity suite of the Chromebooks).

Find the Best Deals and Prices in Singapore

Not a fan of Macbooks but still want the best available laptop around? Then look no further as Dell manufactures some of the most aesthetically pleasing, durable, and very technologically advanced laptops around and they also happen to be very customizable and comes with great after sales support. Thanks to the brand's wide range of notebooks, you can be sure that you'll find one that has all the specs and features you are looking for. Not happy with the default configuration of your Dell laptop? Don't worry, Dell will customize it for you. If best prices are what you are after, then simply use our price comparison feature so you can start hunting for bargains by viewing all available offers from different retailers and stores in Singapore.

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