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Acer in Singapore

A diverse brand that has a loyal following, Acer is the fourth largest personal computer vendor in the world. Its roll call of devices include: desktop PCs, servers, smartphones, tablets, and LCD monitors, while it also provides e-business services to consumers and government institutions. See what Acer products can add to your tech catalogue by finding out more on its PricePanda page here.


Acer: Home and Mobile Computing at its Finest


Headquartered in Xizhi, New Taipei City, Taiwan, the company made mobile computing accessible to the masses. What started out as a small distributor of electronic parts and a consultant in the use of microprocessors has now grown into one of the world's biggest manufacturers of portable computers, desktop PCs, LCD monitors, and many more. They are known for products that are compact, reliable, multipurpose, and affordable. Their products disproves the stereotype that low cost items are usually substandard. Their line of products are responsive, powerful, and comes in a well built chassis.


The company is often compared to compatriot ASUS and American business and consumers solution company HP. All three companies are known for their consumer friendly netbooks, notebooks, Ultrabooks, etc. They also ventured into the Android phone territory at the same time and their price range almost similar. What sets it apart from HP and ASUS is its innovation and understanding of what their consumers want. They understand that their market need products that are versatile and personal and that's exactly what they deliver.


Affordable Yet High Quality Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones


The company has two main notebook lines, the Aspire series and the Chromebooks. Products in the Aspire series covers the entire price spectrum. It has premium models that comes with a patented dual-torque hinge, a touch-display, and premium unibody. They also have models which is a notebook-tablet hybrid but with the performance of a powerful desktop PC. Most of their latest products come with what they call the Zero Air Gap technology which unites touch and sight making viewing even more pleasurable. As for their Chromebooks, they currently boast of the most affordable CB in the market right now. It's perfect for first time notebook owners and perfect for routine use and for younger students.


The brand recently entered Android territory when they launched several mobile devices running the popular platform. Their Iconia series puts everything you need for searching, communicating, shopping and more in the palm of your hand. It comes with Google Currents, an application for enjoying free online magazines from hundreds of publishers and websites. They come in several display sizes which are all optimized to give you an enjoyable reading and viewing experience.


Not to be left behind in the mobile phone race, the company also produces several reliable and extremely affordable phones. Their Liquid series features phablets with a premium feel and design. They are equipped to entertain and help you with your productivity needs. They come with all the business tools you need. Your files and notes are always by your side with Docs and Remote Files. They can also be used as mobile projectors thanks to their wireless-display technology that lets you transmit files and images to a bigger screen.


All-in-One Computers, Desktops, Monitors, and Projectors


Aside from their mobile computing devices, the company also excels in home and office computing with their range of all-in-one desktop computers which is a cheaper version of Apple's iMac. They have highly customizable desktop PCs which can meet demanding graphics need either for gaming, editing or running design softwares. Their line of imaging devices is one of their most promising line. Their projectors were named as Europe's favorite and among the best in the world. What's even better is that, like their mobile devices, their beamers are also surprisingly affordable.


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